Israel 2.0

rwwPlutselig må jeg bare “mikroblogge” her på mariesme.  Jeg ramlet over en sak på Read Write Web som fotalte meg masse nytt om Israel og web 2.0. Les den og bli like forfjamsa som meg. Klipper inn et utdrag på godt nordnorsk:

The stars of the Israeli tech scene were once companies like Comverse and Amdocs. Now, we’re seeing an influx of great Web 2.0 media and social startups, such as:

  • FoxyTunes, the Firefox plugin that allows users to control iTunes directly from their browser, and which was acquired by Yahoo for a reported $30 million;
  • MyHeritage , the world’s largest family network, which has already documented over 330 million family members and is reportedly bringing in some of the highest revenue of any Israeli Web startup;
  • Kaltura, an open-source platform for the creation and consumption of rich-media Web applications, whose clients include Wikipedia, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

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