What do I really do for a living?

I rarely share private information in this blog, simply because I don’t personally find it very interesting! But today, because I was updating my LinkedIn-profile, I decided to share with you – the beautiful readers- what I really do for a living. So, here it is:

I work for Avikom, a privately held Norwegian company. Avikom sells and installs complete meetingrooms for video conferencing, as well as bundles of service-and implementation packages. We have 36 employees  spread geographically between our offices in Tromsø, Flekkefjord, Oslo, Stavanger and Bodø. We also have close partners in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Great Britain. our main job is to tailor solutions that are easy to use and to make sure our customers know all the possibilities with their equipment.

My job is to control the entire information flow internally and externally for Avikom. Implementation of already sold systems and creative PR-work is also part of the job. The Nordic countries have perhaps the best developed broadband structures, and this is true especially for Troms Fylke. Thus, the possibility to install Digitale senter (Digital centers) here has resulted in the opening of this position in Avikom; in all municipalities- fully equipped video conference rooms that are easy to use and access for anyone! In fact, businesses in these areas are suddenly located at the “centre of the world”. Avikom delivers these rooms along with access to our meeting hosts who will even set up the meetings for the participants on both sides, as well as pedagogic training in using the equipment. This allows people to remain in their rural areas of Troms but still meet with people all around the world – and it even opens up an entirely new world of new sorts of businesses even far out in the districts.

In this photo, I am setting up the Digital center in Dyrøy for a story-telling session which I previously wrote about in this blog.

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2 thoughts on “What do I really do for a living?

  • 1. October , 2009 at 15:42

    You seem to have a great job, and I know you do a great job. Sometimes I wish I was young again, starting a career with all these new possibilities. Nice to know you and to know about you and your job.

  • 1. October , 2009 at 19:58

    Well, now, thanks to the wonderful people I meet doing my job – such as yourself – it is IS wonderful:-)

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