Endelig ny header

Siden jeg kjører hjemmekontor INNE i pinseuværet her i nord, “drypper” dette selvsagt på bloggen også! Har snekret sammen ny header og har lånt elementer fra “The Sexiest Dirty Underground Theme” av Jimmy R., Manitoba, Canada. Designeren skriver selv:

“What inspired The Sexiest Dirty Underground theme was a chance to explore some new styles. I’m very pleased with the results and I’ll be exploring these techniques even more. I’ll be finishing The Sexiest Dirty Underground header theme on my blog to bring the total to 20 headers in the next two weeks. For Rich-Bitch-Fish, Co-op-Bone, and Woman-Confident I used the process of first sketching on paper, then working with illustrator, and finally finishing in Photoshop.”

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