Is Norway a better or worse place to live than the U.S.?

Marie added an answer on Quora. Yes she did!

I was born in the States but moved with my Norwegian parents back to Scandinavia after just one year. Thus, I just had to go back and see this place where all the dreams COULD come true, the TV shows were made, the music produced and college life existed. I spent 5-6 years from 1999 to 2004 in the US, first getting my degree and then working for two years. I have traveled the world and I have studied cultures and communications, and there is no place like the US – yet there is no place like Norway either! Here is a short list that could answer your question:


People are more open and friendly in the US, and the opportunities and choices (every day) are so, so many compared to little (safte) Norway; what and when to eat, where to go, what to do, where to live, where to study, what to study – name anything and it can be done in the states, bigger and faster than anywhere else. (And probably much cheaper than in Norway. Here, we earn good money but spend them on crazy expensive housing and dining.)
  • The main differences I have found is that Americans have more threats in their daily lives, such as the potential for terror, financial crisis and extreme weather, than Norwegians.
  • It is also more important to appear to be happy and great, as everyone (else) keeps up such good appearances in the US.
  • Americans share “empty phrases” such as “how are you”, not always expecting an answer…but at least they ask and care a bit – Norwegians might just nod in stead.:)
  • People expect more out of you in the US, and thus you expect more of everyone else.
  • The air is so crisp and clean in our neck of the woods (Norway) and the nature more beautiful than anyone can imagine until they experience it for themselves.Having a morning swim at our cabin is one of my favorite things to do – a bit cold buy so refreshing. Norwegians love to be out and about in nature, all though the different seasons. We drive less and are more active here.
  • I say: try living both places! At least try to travel both places, and not just to the big cities. These long nations are filled with (different) cultures and people just waiting to be found  – by you!

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